Christian Egeler

Chronic Pain Management & Anaesthetics

Dr Christian Egeler


Career Profile

Having studied Medicine in Germany, Dr Egeler qualified in 1993 and started junior doctor training in Glasgow. In 1996 he commenced training in Anaesthesia and entered the All Wales Training programme in Anaesthesia in 1998. Having passed the final FRCA exam in 1999, he spent a year in University Hospital Regensburg, Germany, and came to Swansea in 2000. With a focus on Chronic Pain treatment and regional anaesthesia, he obtained the Certificate of Completion of Specialty Training in 2002 and became a full time Consultant Anaesthetist in Swansea NHS Trust, now ABM University Trust.

Since his appointment he worked on developing Chronic Pain Facilities in Swansea and now leads a multidisciplinary team. He has introduced a wide range of new techniques in regional anaesthesia. He is member of the Welsh and British pain society and the European society of regional anaesthesia.

Specialist Interests

Treatment of Chronic Pain has always been a passion and Dr Egeler can advise on all aspects of Chronic Pain conditions, for example back pain or neck pain, CRPS (also known as RSD), neuropathic pain, fibromyalgia, nerve entrapment syndromes or postsurgical pain. This includes diagnosis, medication and general pain management. He offers a complete range of injection therapy ranging from trigger point injections to epidural, facet joint and nerve root injections, peripheral nerve blocks and joint injections. Most injections are performed under Ultrasound guidance, some by using XRay.

Regional Anaesthesia or Nerve blocks for surgical procedures is an integral part of Dr Egeler's practice and he offers regional anaesthesia under Ultrasound guidance for all upper and lower limb surgery, either as the sole anaesthetic or in combination with general anaesthesia.

Private Appointments

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